Mayor, City Council sworn in to serve Laurel

Mayor, City Council sworn in to serve Laurel
Source: WDAM

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee and seven council members took the oath of office Monday morning to serve the city for the next four years.

"It feels awesome," Magee said.  "I'm proud I was elected again and we want to get back to work and make Laurel what we want it to be."

The inauguration ceremony was held at the Laurel Little Theater, which Mayor Magee thanked for the support from the sun in his address to the audience.  Jones County Circuit Judge Dal Williamson lead the swearing in ceremony.

"It's a good time to be mayor because things are positive in Laurel right now," Magee said.  "A lot of building, a lot of renovations, I'm just glad to be mayor at this time and like I said, we keep working 24/7."

Mayor Magee was first elected in 2012 and ran unopposed in June's election.  He said he is honored to continue to serve the city.  In his address to the audience, he talked about improving the city's infrastructure and continuing to help downtown Laurel grow.

"There is a buzz of hometown pride and I'm so proud to be mayor at this time," Magee said.

As for the city's roads, Magee said it is something he spent the last four years working on and will continue for the residents.

"We spend millions of dollars every year on the infrastructure, but there is still a lot more that can be spent and we plan to keep working in that direction," said Magee.

Seven council members also took the oath of office Monday morning.

  • Ward 1: Jason Capers
  • Ward 2: Tony Wheat
  • Ward 3: Tony Thaxton
  • Ward 4: George Carmichael
  • Ward 5: Stacy Comegys
  • Ward 6: Travares Comegys
  • Ward 7: Anthony Page

Travares Comegys said he is excited to have four more years building the community, now with his brother, Stacy, serving alongside him.

"Laurel has a bright future, we have a lot of projects on the way, we have a revitalization program that's going well," said Travares.

"I look forward to working with my city council members and the mayor just to move this city forward, working together and in harmony," Stacy said.

Council members also expressed the need for more youth programs in the city.  Jason Capers, of Ward 1, said there are not any playgrounds in his area at this time.

"Our young people are our future, so we need to provide positive activities for young people in our city," said Capers.  "We need to provide mentors, people who can speak into the lives of young people who maybe don't have the father at the home or the traditional family so many of us had ten years ago."

"I want to see youth community centers, an upgrade in our parks. I want to see more for the kids, more activities for the kids," said Comegys.  "You know, when you bring them together and have positive role models for them, there's a better success rate."

The first city council meeting will be Wednesday, due to the Independence Day holiday.

"We'll get to know each other, but I think we are all looking for the same thing, improving the city of Laurel," said Mayor Magee.