Wayne Co. drug sweep nets suspects with felony warrants

Wayne Co. drug sweep nets suspects with felony warrants
On person is arrested after a drug raid in Wayne County. Source: WDAM

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Members of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, along with ATF and MBN agents served multiple felony arrested warrants Friday.

Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley said there were roughly half a dozen suspects to be picked up during their roundup, some from neighboring counties.

"It means a lot to me that we can get rid of these people, as far as the drug dealers, this is what's been rapping this county back and forth," said Ashley.

One of the first suspects arrested was Lee Arthur McConn, who was arrested at his home in Wayne County. Ashley said drugs were recovered at the scene of the arrest.

"Well we had several complaints you see in the neighborhood, where the lady said god bless you… and you know, they wanted this done…. there's a lot of traffic and they're selling drugs and we want this out of here," said Ashley.

Ashely said that all the warrants his department are serving today are all tied to drug sale cases.

"Coming into office, you know I knew right off the bat at 12 midnight, we had to go to work…we got a lot of complaints of selling drugs all over the county, and that's what we're going to continue to stop," said Ashley. "One thing, I do really want to thank the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics as well as the ATF for helping us, we are a small department with limited resources and their help is big for us."

The other names and charges of the suspects will be released at a later time according to Ashley.