FV Recycling gives an update on Hattiesburg situation

FV Recycling gives an update on Hattiesburg situation
FV Recycling comments on Hattiesburg incident. Photo source WDAM.

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - The contracted recycling company for the city of Hattiesburg spoke to WDAM Tuesday about the recent incident involving the public works department.

Last week a truck carrying recyclables went to the city landfill instead of FV Recycling in Sumrall. Company president Gene Smith invited WDAM to visit to plant and to see where the recyclables are supposed to go.

On Monday, Public works director Larry Barnes said it was an isolated incident, and Smith said that he agreed.

"The city of Hattiesburg has been a great partner of ours," Smith said. "We have not had a significant reduction in tons. I don't think they were doing that on a regular basis."

"I can say to you truthfully when I look at the flow from the city of Hattiesburg, it has not diminished," Smith said.

The focus for FV recycling is to make sure they get more from their providers.

"We want to work with them to increase the tonnage that they bring to us," Smith said.

The recycling facility, which opened back in 2015, collects recyclable materials from across the state. The city of Hattiesburg accounts for 12 percent of the curbside recyclables.

"The predominant amount comes from the greater Jackson area," Smith said.