New snapchat feature raises safety concerns

New snapchat feature raises safety concerns

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A new feature on the popular Snapchat app has many people on edge.

The feature is called Snap Map, and it lets you pinpoint a person's exact location.

That's troubling for parents and Detective Casey Walley with Petal Police Department.

"As an office a parent, that does worry me," Detective Walley.

He said this new feature may be good for the company, but it could also be a breeding ground for predators.

"Predators use any means they can to follow children. As far as any social media, they use a lot of fake accounts, fake names, any way they can get to your child," Walley added.

Detective Walley said the best line of defense is monitor their children's social media activity.

"Cell phones alone with every other aspect of your teenager's life, need to be monitored. Parents need to be aware with what's going on with their kids,"

It's important to note, users have he option to turn the new feature on or off.