Rawl Springs residents brace for more flooding

Rawl Springs residents brace for more flooding

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Residents in the Rawl Springs community of Forrest County said they can't a break from all the flooding.

Tanya Pickering lives on Cherokee Road. She said her house has sustained major flooding twice this year, and she's bracing for round three.

"We're very concerned because we don't' know what's going to take place," Pickering explained.

Many people in the area have sandbags on standby.

Pickering said her entire house had to be gutted because of the damage from the flooding.

"All the walls had to be taken out, everything had to start from the floor up," Pickering added.

Many people in the neighborhood don't have flood insurance.

"We do not live in flood zone. It has not been categorized as a flood zone, so flood insurance was not necessary," Pickering said.

Residents said repairing all the damage is costing them thousands of dollars.