Where is Waldo? Pine Belt woman seeks ironically named peacock

Where is Waldo? Pine Belt woman seeks ironically named peacock

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Where is Waldo? Well, he isn't wearing red stripes.

Audrey Jackson, a Sumrall woman, is missing one of her pet peacocks.

Waldo and Thelma, two white peacocks, went missing Sunday after someone opened their cages thinking chickens were inside. Thelma was captured quickly, but Waldo is still on the run.

"I have only had them about three weeks and they haven't adjusted to their home yet," said Jackson.

Although peacocks are considered wild animals, they are not considered illegal to have as pets.

"In Mississippi, it is illegal to keep alive any animal that is native to the state of Mississippi, i.e. an indigenous animal that lives in the wild," said Caleb Hinton, Regional Biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Parks. "However, animals that are not native to Mississippi, such as peacocks, are not regulated by the MDWFP."

Jackson said there is one simple reason why she chose to have peacocks as pets.

"Because of their beauty," Jackson said. "I had a friend who had a peacock just show up to her house one day and he never left. I love watching them."

She said the only downside to owning a peacock is exactly what is happening now.

"Once they get out they take off," Jackson said.

Jackson misses Waldo very much, and is hoping someone in the community can help her find him.

"He has an area around Highway 589 near Oral Baptist Church that he likes to hang out at," said Jackson "If they don't want to approach him they can message me on Facebook."

Jackson said Waldo is not aggressive, but he is young and shy.

"They aren't used to being around people, he is just a little skittish," said Jackson.

She is offering a $50 reward to anyone who can catch Waldo alive for her. If you know where Waldo is, you can call Jackson at 601-297-1729 or message her on Facebook here.