Pep's Point open, operating after flash flooding

Pep's Point open, operating after flash flooding

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - After ten days, Pep's Point Water Park Adventures has reopened following flash flooding.

This video of one RV camper at the park went viral when it was swept up by flash floods. Two other RVs, in addition to kayaks, canoes and picnic tables were also washed away. Pep Point's owner Angie Myers said she hasn't seen anything like this in the past 38 years.

Myers said the water rose and receded in the span of two hours. She called the floods a "freak incident."

"I didn't believe it was possible to reopen when I first saw the damage," Myers said. "We managed, but with God's help."

The water park is in the process of reconstructing one of the dams on site. It's also moving "loose items," like canoes, kayaks and picnic tables to higher grounds before the bad weather starts this week.

Pep's Point plans on staying open this week, and Myers said they'll only close if lightning strikes.