FIRST ALERT: Tracking the tropical system in the Gulf

FIRST ALERT: Tracking the tropical system in the Gulf

PINE BELT (WDAM) - We're continuing to watch Invest 93-L very carefully. It moved into the southern Gulf of Mexico this morning and is continuing to slowly move off towards the north.

The National Hurricane Center is giving it an 80 percent chance of forming over the next 48 hours. The hurricane hunters are scheduled to fly into the system later on this afternoon to investigate whether it has further developed.

As of this afternoon (3pm 6/19/17), the system has a ragged appearance and is feeling the full impacts of the strong wind shear in the Gulf of Mexico. The low-level circulation is exposed and most of the thunderstorms are being blown into the eastern side of the system. This is hampering further development of the system, which will keep it weak. If it develops, we are expecting it no stronger than a low end tropical storm.

The models still having it move toward the northern Gulf Coast between Mobile, AL and Houston, TX. While this system is expected to remain weak,

On this track, heavy rainfall would be the main impact for us here the Pine Belt. Models are projecting between 3-6 inches with higher amounts possible in small areas. This could lead to flooding in low-lying areas and along creeks and rivers. Wind gusts between 20 – 40 miles per hour will be possible.

Things are still developing and the forecast could change so be sure to stay tuned for the latest information from the First Alert Weather Team.

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Here are the latest images from the WDAM First Alert Weather Center: