Community raises money for injured Marion County deputy

Community raises money for injured Marion County deputy

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Injured Deputy Lance Poirier and his family received a $6,000 donation from the Hearts of Hope organization, Segdie Foxworth, Cole Robbins and local fire departments.

Deputy Poirier was struck by a sheriff's car during a high-speed chase in Marion County. He was airlifted to Forrest General Hospital to have surgery on one of his legs. He is slowly recovering and is now able to stand for a few moments at a time, but his recovery will be a long process.

"It's by all accounts a miracle that he is here," his wife Carolyn Poirier said. "It could have been so much worse. We're thankful to have him, and God still has a purpose for him here."

Carolyn was very appreciative of the donation. The deputy will be out of work for a few months with his injuries.

Hearts of Hope started after a tornado hit the community. Now the foundation raises money for tornado victims, injured officers and any other community members that need help. They donate to national organizations as well.