Art intersects with sports for a home run collection

Art intersects with sports for a home run collection
Photo Credit: WDAM
Photo Credit: WDAM
Photo Credit: WDAM
Photo Credit: WDAM

To capture a moment, it's often said to 'just take a picture,' but one man is taking it to a different level, with a brush and a lot of color.

"This actually is a watercolor pencil," said watercolor artist Bobby Walters.

For Walters, William Carey Baseball isn't just a sport, it's an art form. It all started when he saw a picture a couple of years ago, and thought it would make a great painting.

"So I got permission and I painted it," said Walters.

He then gave that painting to the university. Turns out, he was on to something. With the baseball team's trip to the 2017 NAIA World Series, it wasn't long before another painting was on deck.

"As they started really doing great this year, I followed along with it and I decided that I'd do another painting," said Walters.

Three paintings now make up the series. One, called "Safe at Home" captures the colorful moment a player slides into home plate, scoring the winning run that sent the team to the series.

"It's kind of a Norman Rockwell type depiction of our national pastime," said head baseball coach, Bobby Halford.

For Halford, it's an iconic moment, now preserved in art.

"It's really neat, it's really neat, especially from a baseball purist, someone that's been in baseball your whole life," said Halford.

As the university continues to pick up the pieces from January's tornado, Walters hopes the paintings will be a home run for recovery, especially for the school's art department and of course the baseball program.

"I could have sold them but I'd rather donate them and see if they could do some good for the school,"  said Walters.

More pieces could even come in the future, if the right ones cross the plate.

"If I get inspired. I got to get inspired. I can't just say 'OK, I'll paint that,'" said Walters.