Marion County drug sweep nets 19, drugs and money seized

Marion County drug sweep nets 19, drugs and money seized
Drug bust in Marion County lands 10 suspects behind bars

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A pair of high-risk search warrants and multiple arrest warrants landed 19 suspects behind bars in an ongoing illegal narcotics investigation on Friday in Marion County.

"We did a couple of search warrants looking for illegal narcotics, at least two locations in the county that we had warrants for today, places that have been problems," Marion County Sheriff's Department Maj. Brad McDermit said. "These locations are where a lot of narcotics activity is going on, occupied by known felons, known drug dealer."

One of the locations was a convenience store on Highway 35 South where deputies apprehended two people, recovered several thousand in cash, marijuana, prescription medications and drug paraphernalia.

"We've had a lot of reports of drug sales, selling prescription medication, marijuana, methamphetamine, things like that out of the store," McDermit said.

McDermit said their main goal is to chip away at the war on drugs, making the county a safer place.

"Hopefully it makes for a better living environment for the citizens, and keeps the drug dealers and such looking over their shoulders," McDermit said.

He said that meth is the biggest problem in the county.

"Right now, our biggest problem is methamphetamine, easily three-to-one," McDermit said. "You can take 99 percent of our crime whether it be burglary, murder, assault and track them back to methamphetamine or other illegal drugs."

McDermit said the department has roughly 15 arrest warrants and said they plan to work into the night until they locate the suspects.