Local Firefighter warns about the dangers of confined spaces

Local Firefighter warns about the dangers of confined spaces

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As authorities continue to investigate the final moments of the two men killed in the work-related incident in Petal, a local firefighter describes the dangers of confined spaces.

Fireman Jourdan Arnold said there's no room for error when entering a confined space.

"There are too many things that could go wrong, too many unknowns," Jourdan said.

If you're not a professional, his best advice is to stay away from them.

"If you do witness somebody go down, say they've passed out in a low-lying area, a confined space, call 9-11," Jourdan said. "Call us and let us come and take care of it. Don't rush in blindly yourself because you could be the next victim."

He said before you do anything, the air quality must be monitored.

"They have air monitors that can test for oxygen levels, they also test for specific gases that are poisonous or explosives," Jourdan said.

Gases like methane or hydrogen sulfide are inside of confined spaces, and some of them are so dangerous, they could kill you in an instant.

"There are some of them that one breath is all it takes, and it can kill you instantly in one breath," Jourdan said.

Arnold says no matter your experience, always take the necessary precautions.

"We tend to get a little laxed with what we know we should be doing, and it's important in this job that we make sure that we don't do that," Jourdan said.