Lamar Co. bridge to close for repairs

Lamar Co. bridge to close for repairs
Officials will close the Gully Creek Bridge, near the Marion County line, which must be rebuilt to meet regulations. Source: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - By week's end, people traveling on Purvis-Columbia Road in Lamar County will see detour signs for an upcoming construction project.

Officials will close the Gully Creek Bridge near the Marion County line. The bridge must be rebuilt to meet regulations.

"This particular bridge had been repaired over the past years in Lamar County, but to bring it up to current standards to handle the 84,000-pound legal load we have to do this," said Lamar County Engineer Don Walker.

The bridge, which was constructed in 1959, is the oldest bridge remaining in Lamar County.

"The county undertook several years back, a project that will replace all bridges that are substandard and I think this is one of the few remaining that they had identified as needing to be replaced," said Lamar County Administrator, Jody Waits.

Lamar County Supervisors awarded the construction bid to MGD Holdings, of Canton Mississippi for $829,773, according to Waits.

"We will actually widen the bridge we will put new pylons on the bridge, new concrete decks, actually gray beams and all that for this particular bridge," said Walker.

Waits and Walker both said the project is funded by federal dollars.

"One hundred percent federal dollars to actually build the bridge, which Lamar County has been waiting approximately three years to receive the funds, now that we have it, they're going to go ahead and reconstruct it," said Walker.

The construction will have a detour in place from Luther Saucier Road, to Carroll Road, to Caney Church Road, roughly 4.5 miles according to Walker.

"We just want everyone to know that they will have to reroute for several months, it'll be through the summer months, early into the fall…hopefully early fall have it completed," said Waits.

Construction is expected to begin Monday, June 19th, and signs will be in place by the end of this week according to Waits.