Wayne County deputy injured, suspect sought after safety checkpoint

Wayne County deputy injured, suspect sought after safety checkpoint
Source: WDAM

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Wayne County Sheriff's Department is searching for a driver who sped through a safety checkpoint and led a deputy on a chase, resulting in that deputy flipping his patrol car.

"It makes me mad that someone would do this to one of my officers," said Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley.  "I'm going to protect my officers and we are going to hunt this individual down."

Sheriff Ashley said the deputy and two narcotics officers were working the safety checkpoint one Beat 4 Shubuta Road Friday evening when a driver slowed down and then sped off, almost hitting the three men.  Narcotics Officer Kevin MacDonald was working the checkpoint.

"He came straight at them, they had to jump out and get into the ditch," said Sheriff Ashley.  "They lucky he didn't kill him."

"It's a lot of traffic," said Officer Mcdonald.  "We routinely do these things just to show a presence in the county that we are out here and keep the violators guessing."

Sheriff Ashley said one of the deputies pursued the car in the chase, when the deputy flipped his patrol car and hit a tree.  Mcdonald was the first to find him a few miles from the checkpoint.

"Looking at the crash and the vehicle, you would not think he was okay," said Mcdonald.  "It was a small miracle, I believe."

The deputy was transported to Wayne General Hospital with minor injuries.  He has since been released and is recovering from his injuries at home.

Sheriff Ashley said they are searching for a black, four-door Chevrolet sedan, possibly an Impala, with Wayne County tags.  Sheriff Ashley said the tag may start with WV- or WT-.

Sheriff Ashley said his force does several safety checkpoints a week, looking for drivers licenses, safety violations or warrants.

"You might have some stolen merchandise, a lot of things come through, it's good we do this for the county," Ashley said.

Right now, there are 15 total deputies in the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, ten full-time and five part-time, as well as two narcotics officers.  Sheriff Ashley said he can't manage to lose any of his force while patrolling the third largest county in the state.

"We're up against the odds it's unbelievable," said Ashley.  "You're out, trying to do checkpoints and this individual tries to run over them. It makes you mad, it makes me mad and makes me want to go on the hunt for this individual, that we do get this individual."

The sheriff said Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest, you can remain anonymous.