Study: Mississippi a top target for spam calls

Study: Mississippi a top target for spam calls
Source: Truecaller
Source: Truecaller
Source: Truecaller
Source: Truecaller

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - A new study shows the Southern part of the United States is receiving the most spam calls and Mississippi is toward the top of the list.

The study by Truecaller ranks the magnolia state as the third state in the country when it comes to receiving spam and robocalls, with residents receiving an average of 16.92 spam calls per month.  Here is a look at the top five states:

  • Alabama - 18.54 calls/month
  • South Carolina - 17.83 calls/month
  • Mississippi - 16.92 calls/month
  • Tennessee - 16.67 calls/month
  • Georgia - 16.61 calls/month

Tom Hseih, VP of Growth at Truecaller, said the criminals are targeting hundreds of people everyday.  He said there is often a misconception the less tech-savvy or older population tend to fall for scams, but the study showed differently.

"Whether your a millennial or a boomer, they are coming after all groups," Hseih said.  "Technology has made it cheaper, faster and easier for different telephonic operations to make calls to dozens if not hundreds of numbers at a time."

According to the study, an estimated 22.1 million Americans lost $9.5 billion in phone scams last year.  That means approximately one in every ten American adults lost money from a phone scam in the last 12 months, with men reporting being victimized more than women.

"Way too often I see random numbers pop up," Phil Bosworth said.  "The numbers display very strangely, with a 'v' in front of the number, an area code, way too many digits - that kind of thing."

Bosworth said he receives about 25 robocalls a month, most to his landline at home.  So many calls, Bosworth said, that he and his wife call the landline the "roboline."

"It makes me angry, I feel like it's a violation of something, my personal space," Bosworth said.  "I mean, the do-not-call  lists apparently don't work.  I think people have to be mindful of most things that come across the telephone as an offer that seems to good to be true, it is too good to be true."

Truecaller is an app and caller ID for spam detection services for your mobile device.  The app, with a quarter of a billion users worldwide, takes data on spam or robocalls reported by users and alerts others.

"What we're trying to do is get information in the hand of the consumers so they can make a good decision on if they want to communicate with an entity or a particular individual," Hseih said.