Puppy gets adopted by vet that operated on her

Puppy gets adopted by vet that operated on her

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A few weeks ago, the Pine Belt community raised money for an injured puppy at the Southern Pines Animal Shelter to have surgery. The dog had a broken leg that needed to be amputated.

One of the vet's that operated on her is the dog's new owner.

"Pretty much as soon as I saw her waiting for surgery, I just fell in love with her," said owner, Dr. Katie Ebers.

While at the shelter her name was "Aadaya," but Ebers changed it to "Seuss."

"We almost named her something based on the fact that she's a tripod, but then we both agreed that Seuss was a better name," Ebers said. "She looks like a Dr. Seuss character."

Her owner said Seuss' scar is healing well, and her fur is staring to grow over it.

She's also adapting to having three legs. Her owner joked and called her walk "hobbling." Ebers has been taking Seuss on downhill walks to help strengthen her front leg. As Seuss grows older, her front leg's muscles will double to compensate for her other leg.

"She keeps up pretty good," Ebers said smiling.