R3SM getting tornado relief help from Golden State volunteers

R3SM getting tornado relief help from Golden State volunteers

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Volunteers from the Golden State are helping a Hattiesburg family recover after the January tornado.

15 volunteers from the Modesto Christian Reform Church in Modesto, California are helping Recover, Rebuild, Restore Southeast Mississippi (R3SM) rebuild the heavily damaged Baker family home on Edwards Street.

The volunteers are working with a group called World Renew Disaster Response Services and are painting and adding some trimming to the roof.

"We've met some amazing people here just in the past few days and I know we're going to meet more as the week goes on," said Katherine Swartz, 17, one of the volunteers. "So, while some people would just see the darkness of what happened, I see the hope."

Meanwhile, the staff at R3SM are hoping more local volunteers will help in the recovery process.

"Currently, we have money to fund all of the projects that we have in the pipeline, what we lack is the labor, the volunteers," said Chris Adams, volunteer coordinator with the United Methodist Committee on Relief/R3SM. "We currently have three homes in process, this is the only one that's being worked on now and probably will be the only one worked on for quite some time, because of the lack of volunteers."

Adams said the California volunteers will be in town through Saturday and another group from Tuscaloosa, Alabama will help later this month.

After that, however, no other groups are scheduled.