George honored to serve on city council

George honored to serve on city council

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Ward 1 residents in the City of Hattiesburg elected a new person to serve on the city council Tuesday.

Jeffrey George, 23, ran as a republican and defeated democratic candidate Ken Chambers 711 to 346 in Tuesday's general election.

"It's great to have this opportunity to serve our city," George said.

George, who will be sworn into office on July 3, said he plans to hit the ground running.

"It's going to be a learning process; a lot of work will have to be put in over the next three weeks to just get brought up to speed on things that are happening," George said.

George said he's looking forward to working with all of the members of the city council.

"Like I've said throughout this campaign, Hattiesburg has so much potential and to have new leadership on the council, that I believe will start working together for the best interest of our city," George said. "It's an honor to be a part of that and just have the opportunity to serve my ward."

He said he typically attends council meetings, but added that he'd be working even harder now from a different seat.

"I know what's going on from one side of the table, but to be on the other side I'm going to have to learn, get a lot of reading done just get prepared to work extremely hard for Ward 1," George said.

George used University of Southern Mississippi students in his campaign as well as their votes to get elected.

"Definitely having the younger vote on my side and support from my friends at Southern Miss was a great help because they helped me knock on doors, they helped talk to people and they worked the elections." George said. "So having them is a great feeling."

He added that the millennial voters are a big part of the Hub City, and he wants their voices to be heard.

"It's definitely going to be important to have their voice as we move forward in hearing what they want to see the future of Hattiesburg be," George said. "We have to start listening to what's going on, I want to hear within Ward 1… I want to formalize that a little bit more and let them come express what they want to see happen, where their very specific issues are and then start working to fix those things."