Mother behind Nathan's Law speaks about Pates conviction

Mother behind Nathan's Law speaks about Pates conviction

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jonathan Scott Pates pleaded guilty in court Wednesday to aggravated assault after he hit a stopped school bus with his truck, injuring a child who was unloading.

He was convicted under Nathan's Law, and has to go to jail for five years.

Lori McJohnson said justice was served.

"It also made all of the hard work and effort that we've put in this law and getting it passed, give me a sense of accomplishment," McJohnson explained.

The law is named after McJohnson's son Nathan.

He was killed in 2009 when he struck by a motorist who hit him as he got off school bus in Jones County.

"It didn't just affect our family, there were other students on the bus that had to sit there and witness all of these things," said McJohnson. "My other children were trying to cross the street."

McJohnson said this happens daily in Mississippi, but it needs to stop.

"You hear everything from, I didn't see the bus, which is very difficult for me to understand, and then we have people that will admit that will just sit there and admit that they didn't have time to sit there and wait," McJohnson added.

No matter the reason, McJohnson fought through her pain for two years alongside Senator Chris McDaniel to enact Nathans' law, and she's still front and center making sure authorities hold violators accountable.