Oak Grove tax office closing for renovations

Oak Grove tax office closing for renovations

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With continued growth in Lamar County, the Oak Grove tax assessor's office will be closed next week for renovations.

"It's going to be closed all week (May 29th - June 2nd) for us to renovate the lobby area, it's just too small to handle the volume of customers that are coming there," said Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits.

While the office is closed, the staff will be moved to the main tax office in Purvis, where additional windows will be open to help county residents.

Waits said residents can also use the county website, LamarCountyMS.gov for their tax needs.

"There are links to pay their tax bills online, whether it be for their property or buy car tags, they can do anything online pretty much that they can do there,"  Waits said.

Waits said the expansion of the lobby will only run the county a few thousand dollars.

"We're going to enlarge that lobby to enable more people to stand in line and to move things through there, and change the door entry so that the pattern of foot traffic inside there flows differently," Waits said. "They're also will be making some adjustments to the counter space so they can add additional space at the counter for people to wait on them."

The front wall will be taken out a few feet to the length of the sidewalk and said this is at least the first step for now, but future expansions will likely be needed.

"It's minimal using our own resources, the supplies to use it would be what we purchase, we're going to pay the labor anyway, we're able to do that with minimal impact on the budget," Waits said.

If you have any additional questions, you can call the tax office for the remainder of this week, or the county supervisors office.