Wayne County Sheriff’s Department receives helpful donation

Wayne County Sheriff’s Department receives helpful donation
Wayne county sheriff's department receives donation. Photo credit WDAM

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Wayne County Sheriff's Department is receiving new guns thanks to several churches in the community.

"I just want to tell them thank you so much for what you've done for this department," Sheriff Jody Ashley said. "It's heartwarming that they would go out and raise the money. As the Wayne County sheriff, I just want to personally tell them thank you."

Before the donation, deputies were using their own firearms. Sheriff Ashley said that created a safety issue with everyone using different weapons and different ammo.

"If you get into a gunfight and this other officer runs out of bullets and you got different ammunition, you need to have the same ammunition to give to him,"  Ashley said.

The First Baptist Church in Waynesboro is one of the churches that pitched in.

"They make this place a better place for us to live, so we wanted to show our appreciation to them," Pastor Steve Smith said.

"We want Sheriff Jody and his team of deputies to be as safe as possible," church member Mark Gordon said. "They can't do it if they don't have the proper equipment."