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PRCC baseball team makes woman's birthday special

Source: Rita West Source: Rita West
Source: Rita West Source: Rita West

The Pearl River Community College baseball team helped make one special needs woman's birthday extra special this year.

Rita West shared a photo of the team with her daughter, Brittney, celebrating her birthday with a lunch in Ellisville Friday.  The act of kindness is spreading on social media.

West said Brittney wanted to go to her favorite restaurant, Bosun Joe's, for lunch to celebrate her 26th birthday.  The group was seated near the PRCC baseball team, in town playing in the NJCAA Region 23 Tournament.

West said as the servers brought out a cake to the table and started singing, the team joined in.

"Just as they started signing, all the gentlemen on the ball team turned around and started singing," West said.  "They all sang and started cheering. Brittney just laughed and giggled, she just loved it. It made her very happy."

West has worked in schools for the last eight years, currently with the Jones County School District. 

"I've never experienced nothing like that in my life," West said.  "Kids can really amaze you at times, the things they will do with special needs kids."

West said Brittney lives at Ellisville State School and one of her favorite songs is "Happy Birthday."  "It's all year long," West said, making the baseball team joining in even better for her daughter.

"You never know what a simple act of kindness can do for someone," West said.  "This was a 26-year-old handicapped young lady's birthday. She went out to eat expecting nothing but a good meal, birthday cake and family fun. But yet she had an exceptional experience and a once in a lifetime experience."

In an email to PRCC Head Coach Michael Avalon, West thanked his team for the special moment.  Coach Avalon replied, writing "That was very cool for us to experience.  I was very blessed this year with a great group of young men - they were delighted to help sing her Happy Birthday!"

"My family is so appreciative of it, it was just so amazing," West said.

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