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FGH NICU helps Pine Belt women donate breast milk to babies

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Mississippi has more babies born early than any other state in the country. In Hattiesburg, Forrest General's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit steps in to nurture and heal those babies into good health. in your good news, we share the story of just one of the women who became a part of the bond between mothers, doctors, and babies by giving a life-saving gift. 

"As we were leaving the hospital after we lost our son, without a baby, I thought what's going to happen to my breast milk as it comes in?" asked Jessica Camp, a former breast milk donor.

It was a question Camp had after a heart-wrenching loss for her family after 25 weeks of carrying her baby, Mills.

"We didn't know where to turn to...where to go from here once you lose your baby," Camp said.

With the knowledge of the benefits of the breast milk she would not be able to use, she decided to sacrifice her time and effort to support the lives of other babies.

"Maybe it's something that they couldn't provide their baby. Maybe their milk didn't come in. Or maybe they're in a situation to where they couldn't provide for their baby," Camp said.

The milk Camp donated is life saving providing a wealth of nutrients and good bacteria to the often underweight or sick babies in the NICU. A neonatologist with FHG said studies suggest a deadly infection is 10 times less likely to happen if an infant has a mother's milk from the womb.

"It's rewarding. It makes me feel good to know that I can help a baby that needs it, and it's crucial for them to have this milk," Camp said.

She pumped breast milk sometimes four times a day and dropped her donations off to the milk depot. Camp could help heal babies and help her heal heart.

"It gave me time during the day to reflect and think on different situations and it was almost a healing. It was very comforting to me to know that for a very short time, I could heal a sick baby," Camp said.

She said it was the comport and support from Forrest General that eased the process.

"There's no way I could possibly thank them for enough they've done for me and my family. The support they gave us before we had our baby and after... there's no way I could ever possibly thank them enough," Camp said.


From mother to mother, the milk is just a gift of love supporting the gift of life. 

"I kind of feel like there is a bond between me and the mothers. I know most mothers probably feel this way, but I even feel more connected to them," Camp said.

Camp along with several other women have donated gallons of milk that goes to NICUs across the state.

For more information about milk donation or the milk depot at Forrest General, click here or call the Forrest General's Lactation Department at (601)288-4554. 

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