Ward 1 voter card issues in Hub City

Ward 1 voter card issues in Hub City
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A voter registration card is something that all voters need with them, when they head to the polls on any election day.

For people who live in the city of Hattiesburg and vote in Ward 1, and are assigned to the Highland Park precinct, there is an error on the voter cards.

"My understanding is in Ward 1, we have got Highland Park as the precinct to go vote for city elections, that is incorrect," Forrest County Circuit Court Clerk Gwen Wilks said.

According to election officials, the Highland Park precinct that was used was located at 2895 West 4th Street, the Longleaf Trace Gateway. That is still the case, for county and federal elections, but not for municipal ones.

That change happened sometime after hurricane Katrina, and has gone undetected since then. Election officials said the change in location for the city has not caused any real issues.

But with the amount of newly registered voters, it is good for people to know, as well as have accurate cards.

The actual place people in Ward 1 will vote, during the municipal election is Cornerstone Baptist Church, located at 3202 West 7th Street.

The Forrest County Circuit Court Clerk's office is responsible for sending out the cards to voters, but they can only go off the information they are given. From years past, the information has stayed the same with the address taking voters to the 4th street location.

"I don't really know what happened, but we will get it fixed on the cards," Wilks said.

The information given to the county court comes from the Hattiesburg Circuit Clerk's office. Hattiesburg City Clerk Kermas Eaton said they are addressing the issue, and will get the addressed updated.

Along with updating the cards, the city is sending out postcard reminders to voters, starting Monday.

"We're going to start sending out postcards with your name, your address to show you your precinct and where you will vote at for the city election and that will also contain the address of that polling precinct," Eaton said.

Wilks said, "I just really want everybody to know, that if Highland Park is on your voter registration card, you need to go to Cornerstone Baptist church. The Highland Park thing is only for city elections, if you're voting in the county election, that is where you go, it stays the same as usual."