Hit the Road with Jac: Pine Belt ghost hunting

Hit the Road with Jac: Pine Belt ghost hunting

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Welcome to the Deason's Home, one of the oldest houses in Jones County. The house has the same cut and finish as George Washington's Mt. Vernon home and was the first house in Ellisville with paint. Now, the ceiling of the home is coated with blue paint.

"There are a couple of theories about the blue paint," said Frances Murphy, our tour guide. "The most popular one is that it keeps the ghosts away, but it doesn't work here."

Frances Murphy is a great-great-great-granddaughter of the Deasons and often comes to clean the family's home. She enjoys visiting their house...and getting to meet them.

"I vacuumed through the house, vacuumed through the kitchen and went out to the back porch," Murphy said. "When I came back in the kitchen, one of the drawers was wide open and it had not been open before."

Many have reported paranormal activity at the Deason's Home. Confederate Major Amos McLemore stayed as a guest with the Deasons, where a man shot McLemore in the back in the Deason's main bedroom. His blood still stains the bottom of the floor. Frances Murphy refers to this room as the "Murder Room."

While in the home, we didn't find any ghosts, so Murphy took us to the cemetery where the family was buried. After scouring the grave site, we still didn't meet a ghost, but all of our Snapchats did mysteriously disappear.

The Deason Home is hosting an open house tour on Saturday, May 20. Tickets are $5.

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