Animal advocates warn against animal abuse

Animal advocates warn against animal abuse

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Shelter workers with the Southern Pines Animal Shelter Hattiesburg said they see too many animal abuse cases on a regular basis.

Director Ginny Sims said it's hard to explain why it happens, but she said it has to stop.

"On day-to-day basis we see animals who come in who have maybe been neglected or are facing some sort of hardship," Sims explained.

She said the worst cases are those where people intentionally harm or mistreat innocent animals.

"It is absolutely heartbreaking that we can let them get to a state where they're hurting where they're suffering where they're sick," Sims added.

Sims thinks the punishment for animal abusers is not stiff enough.

“We wish that there was more that laws could provide, more protection or harsher penalties to discourage people from taking these steps,” Sims explained.

Sims said it's important to reach out to lawmakers on this issue.

She said if you have an animal that you can't care for, call your local animal shelter.