Fidget spinners latest craze in classrooms

Fidget spinners latest craze in classrooms
Fidget spinners/Photo credit: WDAM

PINE BELT (WDAM) - One of the hottest toys on the market and popular among school kids are fidget spinners.

They are marketed as a stress reducer and perfect for people with ADD and ADHD.

Administrators in several schools in the Pine Belt have said the spinners have not been much of an issue, but are letting teachers have the final say.

"When you think about it we all have our own little thing, I flip my pen, I doodle on my paper, and that helps me to continue to focus in meetings, we all have our own little thing," Lamar County Superintendent Tess Smith said.

The fidget spinners are the latest craze sweeping the classrooms, and they can help students focus and pass the time.

The spinners vary in price range and are simple for kids to operate, and Smith said have even proved helpful.

"Students with ADHD, or ADD for them I think that was the original intent, to help those that were diagnosed with that," Smith said. "To help them because if they're doing that with their hands, because when someone deals with ADD, ADHD, they are so aware of so many things going on in the classroom that, they know they may hears kids over here talking, they hear the teacher for a little bit, they're thinking about something else, there's so many things going on."

Petal and Hattiesburg School Districts both have the same policy as Lamar County, leaving the decision up to the teacher in the classroom.

"They have that in their hand, it helps drive some of that focus, helps them pay closer attention to the teacher, hopefully," Smith said. "So it's just up to individual teachers, what works best for that teacher and for those students in that particular class."

Smith said that the policy closely mimics their cellphone policy and that some teachers allow it in the classrooms.

"If it's not a distraction and it helps that kid, great, if others use for a toy and can have fun with it, then that's good too," Smith said.