Could you live in a tiny house?

Could you live in a tiny house?
Source: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It's a growing trend across the country —tiny houses.  A company in Prentiss, Miss. is one of the first in the state hoping to help the craze spread in the South.

"It's about making the most use of space and getting a flow," said James Polk, founder of Tiny House Life Space.  "Getting a flow through the house,  having it feel like a home."

The architect and city planner said he got the idea to start his own business when the tiny house trend made it's way to television.  He said anyone from a college student, traveler, retired couple looking to downsize or senior citizen could make a tiny house feel like a smart choice for a home.

Polk brought his tiny house model to Hattiesburg's Keg and Barrel for the weekend, to give people a look inside the smaller structure.  He said they travel everywhere with a tiny house and owners can too.

"Got a nice counter here with a full kitchen, oven, range and refrigerator," Polk said.

The model is 200 square feet.  Dave Ferry with Tiny House Life Space said it can sleep five comfortably, if everyone likes each other.

"They're built to regular housing codes, legally," Ferry said.  "Technically, you are  allowed to live in a camper permanently.  But, you can in one of these."

Many people were stopping by the model on Hardy Street to take a look inside Saturday.

'It's amazingly spacious," Whitney Miracle said.  "When I saw them on TV, I thought people were insane for wanting to live in such a small space after moving into a three bedroom house. But, I'm really impressed that you can fit everything you need inside of this tiny space without it feeling really really crammed."

Polk said the model home is about $57,000, but they are running a special in May for the home to be priced at $50,000.  He said people can also customize their tiny house to make it more like "their" home.

"If you've got four dogs or four kids, this is probably not the type of house you want to live in," Ferry said.  "But, there is a certain part of the population these are right for."

To find out more about the tiny houses, check out Tiny House Life Spaces on Facebook here.