Truck crashes into home, injures 9-year-old

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - A truck crashed into a Sumrall home Wednesday night and injured a 9-year-old boy.

Crystie Aultman said her 9-year-old son Sawyer was sitting in a recliner at his grandparents' house watching a TV show on an iPad when a Chevrolet 1500 truck crashed through the house and threw him "25 feet" across the room.

"His grandmother wasn't sure what had happened," Aultman said. "She ran into the living room and called for Sawyer. She found him lying lifeless, across the room, about 25 feet from where he was sitting in the recliner. He had been thrown into the brick fireplace. He was tangled in a blanket that was on him while he was in the recliner, and the fireplace screen was on top of him."

According to the Sumrall Police Department, wet roads caused the truck to run off the road and crash into the house on Rocky Branch Road, and the juvenile driver, who isn't being identified, isn't facing any charges in relation to the accident.

Aultman said Sawyer's aunt and uncle, who live across the street, helped to wake, immobilize and control bleeding until an ambulance arrived and took him to Forrest General Hospital. Aultman said the accident left Sawyer's cleft clavicle and transverse processes of his fifth thoracic vertebrae fractured and his spleen, kidney and lung bruised. She also said two, 3-inch gashes on his left leg left the bone exposed.

Aultman said because of his bruised organs, doctors at Forrest General decided to send Sawyer to University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson.

"He was loaded back into the ambulance and began the long ride to Jackson," Aultman said. "The weather was terrible and the roads were wet. Stephanie Saliba with Lifeguard ambulance service made sure that he arrived safely. After arriving at UMMC emergency room, the trauma team moved in. They checked every inch of Sawyer's body and ordered additional X-rays. They found that his temporal bone in his skull was also fractured. The doctors at UMMC put him on bed rest due to his bruised organs. He was taken to the operating room early Thursday morning where they cleaned his left leg wounds, put in a drain to help the wound heal and eliminate infection, and stitched his wounds."

Now, Aultman said Sawyer is resting and healing, but will likely stay at UMMC through the weekend.

"He is sore all over his body," she said. "He can't laugh without crying. When he sits up in bed, he gets nauseated due to his concussion. He is slowly improving each day."

Aultman said her family and Sawyer are thankful for the prayers and support they've received.

"God is not done with him yet," she said.