Jones Co. 4-year-old nearly drowns in family pool

Jones Co. 4-year-old nearly drowns in family pool

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - It was a terrifying moment for Jones County family when their four-year-old daughter nearly drowned in the family pool in April.

Her dad Robby White said he thought his daughter Kimberly, was inside their home with her mom, but her mom Heather thought the opposite.

"I guessed she was outside with him for a minute or two," Heather explained.

When both parents realized she was missing, White said he immediately thought about the swimming pool.

"I ran to the pool and there she was," White added.

He found her face down in the swimming pool.

"I picked her up out of the water and kind of shook her to try to wake her up put her on the ground and started doing CPR and mouth to mouth," White said.

He'd never performed CPR and it wasn't working, and Heather was freaking out.

"I ran inside the house to get my phone to call 911. I was hysterical," Heather said.

When paramedics arrived to their home, they took over CPR, and Kimberly took a breath.

She was flown to a hospital in Jackson. Doctors ran tests and scans, but they couldn't find anything wrong with her.

Miraculously Kimberly is still here doing fine as if nothing ever happened.

"I believe that there's a reason, and I'm just very grateful that I still have my baby and she's okay," Heather explained.