Creek water floods Hattiesburg resident's yard

Creek water floods Hattiesburg resident's yard

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg resident said water from Gordon's Creek floods her yard on South 19th avenue when there is heavy rainfall.

Carol Short said the water has no place to go.

"The creek is overflowing into half of the yard. You can't even see the creek, just a big mess of water, it's just flooded," Short explained.

Short is scared of what may happen if something isn't done fast.

"I'm wondering when it's going to come into the house, it shouldn't be that high," Short added.

She said when she calls city officials to fix the problem,  but nothing is done.

"They say we'll take of it. I called them three or four times, and I never got a response. They just don't care, but they didn't even come look at it."

Short said she just moved into this home, and she just wants to enjoy it.

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