Sewer rates to increase for Providence Homeowners Association

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - People using Hattiesburg's sewer system who live outside of of the city limits will see a rate increase.

The Hattiesburg City Council passed a sewer rate hike for nonresidents about a year ago, but it's just being implemented for the first time. Members of the Providence Homeowners Association are the first to reach a new agreement with the city.

"(We) let them know that that was coming, gave them a period of time to enact on that, so Providence is the first," said Carter Carroll, Hattiesburg City Council president.

According to the agreement, members will soon pay twice what someone living in the city pays, and "rates will be adjusted annually in accordance with any rate changes that the City of Hattiesburg may impose on its customer base."

Carroll said the higher rates cover the extra costs the city pays to provide a service for people who don't live there.

"We're going to charge them double, and we feel that that's fair," he said. "We're taking care of their of their sewage, and it will help to defray some of the cost of our taking care of the sewage for them."

While homeowners will be paying more monthly, Carroll said it's a lot less than they'd spend trying to treat sewage themselves.

"It's a win for them -they don't have to create septic tanks or have a sewer lagoon of their own- that we can process their sewage much cheaper than they can."

Carroll said Providence is the first, but it won't be the last. He said Hattiesburg serves about 7 other neighborhoods outside of the city where residents will also see sewer rate increases.

Council members are scheduled to vote on the agreement at their meeting Tuesday, and if it's approved, the higher rates will go into effect after that.