Laurel residents angry over flooding near their homes

Laurel residents angry over flooding near their homes

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Residents on West Drive in Laurel said they are fed up with the flood problems near their homes.

David Murphy said the rain creates a mess, and he's sick and tired of it.

"I've got to get my lawn mower and everything and put it on the porch to keep them from washing in the ditch," Murphy explained.

He said city officials won't fix the problem

"I told head man two months ago standing right here what they need to do. The main problem is it's flooding all them people over there, and I care about them people," Murphy added.

People in the neighborhood reached out to us just last year about the same issue.

We reached out to city officials to see why nothing has been done.

They said they're planning a brainstorming meeting to what can be done, but Murphy said time is running out.

"They've got to clean that ditch out to make it wider where the water can come on down," Murphy said.