Laurel police recover 16 pounds of spice

Laurel police recover 16 pounds of spice

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel Police got more than they bargained for when they responded to a call about a domestic dispute at a home on Congress Street.

Officer Vince Williams said there was a suspicious smell when officers arrived.

"Once the officers arrived they approached the front door where they could immediately smell an odor of marijuana," Williams explained.

Police said as the officers knocked on the door, a suspect ran through the house and tried to run out the back door.

The suspect is Alonzo Nix, a former Pine Belt Football standout.

Once police got inside the home, they found 16.5 pounds of spice.

"This is the largest amount we've ever gotten within the city," Williams added.

Nix is now behind bars, an Officer Williams said he's happy to have these drugs off the streets.

"With this amount being off the street, it's not doubt that it saved someone's life. These are dangerous drugs. They contain deadly and dangerous chemicals," Williams said.

Nix went before a judge, and his bond was set at $50,000. Police said he's still in jail because he is also on probation for a past drug conviction.