Forrest County Sheriff warns of phone scam

Forrest County Sheriff warns of phone scam

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Forrest County Sheriff's Office is warning people of an ongoing scam targeting area residents

According to the sheriff, two different scams are circulating the area.

One scam involves the sheriff's department, and the other involves the IRS.

The first scam claims residents have an outstanding warrant for their arrest for not showing up for a court date with Judge McPhail over a traffic citation. The scam claims that if they do not take care of the warrant they will be arrested.

The second scam claims to be from the IRS, and that there is a judgement against them and they need to pay the fine or they will be arrested.

Neither agency will solicit payment or fine of any kind over the phone.

If you fell victim to this scam, contact the sheriff or attorney general.