Jones Co. teacher contracts cut for second straight year

Jones Co. teacher contracts cut for second straight year

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - For the second straight year, teachers with the Jones County School District have had their contracts shortened as a result of budget cuts.

Superintendent Tommy Parker said this is a difficult part of his job.

"As you have less and less to work with, you have to figure out more and more ways to save and try to stay within budget," Parker said.

Staying with budget means cutting days from teacher contracts, which would also reduce their pay.

Parker said a typical teacher contract is 187 days when students are only in school for 180 days.

"We've not cut them back all the way to 187. We cut them back 200 which would leave each one of them about 13 days to be in contact with their students," Parked said.

In 2016, teachers were cut from 240 to 215 days.This year they were reduced to 200 days.However, Parkers said this should not have come as a surprise to these teachers.

"We told them last year that we would be making these cuts and we wanted them to have a year to prepare for that," Parked said.

Some of the teachers reached out to us to voice their concerns. They wanted to know why the superintendent received a raise and why they are being cut.

Parker said that is not the case.

"I didn't get a raise this year, and I have over my last 5 ½ almost 6 years, I have received a couple of raises during that time. And I hope that because they feel like I'm doing a good job for our school district," he said.