Jones County VFD rolls out recruitment video

Jones County VFD rolls out recruitment video
Photo credit: WDAM

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County Volunteer fire department has rolled out a new form of marketing, which they are hoping will boost their recruitment for additional volunteers.

The video is not only informative, but the first "documentary" acts as a teaching tool to show what the volunteers encounter, from distracted driving accidents to house fires.

"A lot of people don't know exactly what we do out in the community, a lot of people think we just fight fires," Jones County Fire PIO Caleb Worrell said. "We wanted to show one of the most common types of incidents that we have, which isn't necessary texting and driving, but it's distracted driving."

Worrell said those types of wreck scenes are something the volunteers see daily, and it's not always just house fires.

"We do so much more than that, there's a lot more than that out there, and these videos, starting with that one and more to come, will show exactly what we do and give some recognition to our volunteers," Worrell said.

He said volunteers are one thing the county needs.

"We sit, give or take around 345 volunteers, we service an area that has roughly 70,000 people in Jones County," Worrell said. "345 volunteer firefighters, spread out amongst 18 fire departments, just isn't enough."

Worrell said the goal is not to achieve celebrity status for the department, but to at least get them on the map.

"We're down here in the south and we don't get a lot of recognition throughout the country for various things, and I would like for people to see that this smaller county, of Jones County, and Mississippi down towards the coast is doing something, like this and is producing videos and making ourselves known," said Worrell. "Not necessarily make our fire departments famous, but I want to make our fire departments known."

To watch the video, visit the Jones County Volunteer Fire page here or watch it on YouTube here.

You can also watch the video on the Jones County Volunteer Fire page here or watch it on YouTube here.