Police: Kids responsible for spray painting cars, homes

Police: Kids responsible for spray painting cars, homes
Source: Mike Trest

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - The Petal Police Department said four kids are responsible for vandalizing multiple cars and homes early Sunday morning.

WDAM 7 News received many photos of cars, trucks and homes with red spray paint on them Sunday. Police said they are aware of eight victims in the area of West Fifth Avenue.

Investigator Sammy Ray said an officer noticed the spray paint on some of the vehicles around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Ray said two children were seen running down the road. After they were taken into custody, Ray said they learned two other juveniles were involved in the incident.

"Unfortunately, sometimes it's kids being kids," Ray said. "But, due to the amount of property that was damaged during this - it kinda stuck out."

Ray said the parents of the children were called and the situation was discussed. He said another issue was the kids were out past curfew, which is midnight on the weekend for juveniles in Petal.

"First of all, know where your kids are at all times. Second of all, know when things like this happens, crimes like these occur, you are going to be held responsible. The parents are, as far as the conversation is, concerned," Ray said.

Mike Trest, said he was woken up by an officer around 2:30 a.m. Sunday asking him if he was aware of the red spray paint on his new white truck.

"Very aggravated, that's a brand new, 2016 model. About 32 thousand sticker and it was very aggravating to me," Trest said. "You spend that kind of money on a vehicle and then you find out, it was kids just come through the neighborhood just spray painting. It was really aggravating to me."

Trest said he did not hear anything until the officer knocked on his door, and it appeared the children only sprayed graffiti on cars parked along the street, rather than near homes.

"Well, my saying is, nothing good ever happens after midnight," Trest said.

Trest said he spent his Sunday trying different ways to get the paint off his truck. He said police told him he could wait for an appraisal, but he did not want the spray paint to sit any longer. Trest said it was just another inconvenience for him, since he was forced to move to an apartment in the area after the EF-3 tornado damaged his home in January.

"Well, it's very aggravating because I was part of the tornado, which put me in that area in having to a get an apartment because of the tornado tearing the house up," Trest said. "So, being inconvenienced there and now, this kind of stuff comes through. It's very aggravating."

Police said residents with property damage can contact the court for money to fix or replace their damage cars, homes or property.