2 jailed in Jones County meth lab bust

2 jailed in Jones County meth lab bust
The meth lab was discovered Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. Source: JCSD

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Two people are behind bars facing multiple felony charges after an active meth lab was discovered in Jones County.

Jerry Lane Lindsey, 49, and Dennis Dwayne Donald, 49, were both arrested Tuesday afternoon by authorities at a home on Blondie Road in Jones County.

"First, I want to thank our guys in the narcotic division for continuing to do a tremendous job, we're averaging between 500 and 600 drug cases a year, just here in Jones County," said Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge.

Lindsey was charged with possession of precursors with intent to manufacture meth and manufacturing meth. His bond was set at $50,000.

Donald was charged with possession of precursors with intent to manufacture meth, manufacturing meth and one count of sale of a controlled substance. His bond was set at $75,000. Donald's sale charge is in connection to Jones County Narcotics Investigators that said they purchased meth from him, on video, also while he is on probation from the Mississippi Department of Corrections, for possession of meth.

"Since 2012 though, pseudoephedrine bill was passed, we've seen a significant reduction in the manufacturing of methamphetamine," said Hodge. "This is one of the first active meth labs that we've found in some time."

Hodge said his deputies also had assistance from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics in the case.

He added that tips from the community led authorities to the working lab.

"We got a report of a strong, strange odor on Blondie Road, we've had that report numerous times before, we've been in the area and not been able to find anything, our guys actually got a report and went out and this time was able to find an active meth lab," said Hodge.

During their initial appearance, both Lindsey and Donald claimed they had nothing to do with meth, and have no knowledge of how to cook it.

"For them to act as if they don't know what meth is and how to cook it, is certainly not true," said Hodge. "Both of them have been involved in this arena for some time now, and Dennis is also on paper so hopefully we can get him put in the penitentiary and quite honestly Lane needs to go there as well."

Hodge said drugs are one thing we will not have in his county.

"This is not something we're going to tolerate here in Jones County, we are very strong on our stance against drugs, and we will continue to move forward fighting it wither everything that we have," said Hodge.

The two will remained housed in the Jones County Jail.