One injured, one charged in Prentiss shooting

PRENTISS, MS (WDAM) - One person is in jail after a Monday afternoon shooting in Prentiss.

Prentiss Police Chief Joe Bullock said officers responded to a shots fired call on Tyrone Drive around 3 p.m. Monday.

Dontarius Walker, the 22-year-old victim, said he was leaving a shift at 84 Wing Stop in Prentiss when Loftin approached his car, shouted racial slurs and eventually followed him from the parking lot because the music in his car was too loud.

"I was getting off work, and I had the music up a little bit," Walker said. "I ran back to work to get something, so when I came back outside, he was outside flipping me off and calling me n*****. So I got in my car and I left. I was going to the store. I was getting something out of the store, got back in the car, and on my way home, I looked in the rearview mirror. He was behind me up on my car trying to stop me, so I left. I was going down another street, took a right to get home. I looked again, he was trying to run me off the road. So I was stopping at a stop sign. Instead of him stopping, he went on and went down another road to block me in front. He just shot me, and I just drove on home screaming, 'I got shot.'"

Bullock said officers arrested 35-year-old Joshua Loftin about 15 minutes later. Loftin is charged with aggravated assault, and made his initial court appearance Wednesday where his bond was set at $30,000.

Walker said he didn't know Loftin personally, but had seen him at restaurant. He said he never expected the situation to escalate like it did.

"It's crazy," Walker said. "I mean, you don't see that happening. It hurt me because it was on my little girl's birthday."

He said this isn't the first time he's heard of someone having this kind of issue with Loftin.

"They say he on some racist type stuff," Walker said. "He been pulling guns on people, and stuff like that. He'll come up to people's cars and tell them to cut their music down, call them n******, flip them off, have guns in his hand."

Bullock said his department is working the district attorney's office and federal authorities to investigate the shooting, and said Loftin's charges could be upgraded pending further investigation. Walker said he's happy the department is looking into every avenue.

Bullock said the department is not commenting on a motive for the shooting at this time.