Perry Co. School board votes to reorganize schools

Perry Co. School board votes to reorganize schools

The Perry County Board voted to reorganize three elementary schools in the district during a meeting on Tuesday night.

Superintendent Dr. Scott Dearman said funding was a major concern with this reorganization.

"Our board voted to reorganize our schools," Dearman said. "In light of budget cuts, we can serve our students better and meet the educational needs of our students."

The new change means sixth through eighth graders will now have a middle school in New Augusta, while kindergarten through fifth graders must attend Beaumont and Runnelstown.

Kim Brewer has a seventh grader in the district, and she's concerned with the academic side of things.

"It's going to be better because we're going to have some more teachers, we're going to have some different teachers," Brewer said.

Not everyone was on board with the decision, and Superintendent Dearman said it won't be easy.

"I would not like to go through with it also, I mean I really wouldn't," Dearman said. "If we had plenty of money, I would've left them all like they were because it's going to be a lot of work."

He said his only hope is that the community stands with them as they make this transition.

"Get behind and support your child in whatever they're going, in whatever school," Dearman said.