Mississippi Power warns of phone scam

Mississippi Power warns of phone scam

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi Power is warning customers about scammers calling customers to try and bilk them out of their money.

"We have reports of customers receiving calls from people claiming to be a Mississippi Power representative. They say the customer's payments were not received and then threaten to disconnect service if immediate payment is not made," said Jason Moak, Customer Care Center supervisor. "The caller typically asks the customer to purchase a prepaid credit card, like GreenDot/MoneyPak and provide this information back to the caller."

Though callers may use different approaches, most have common themes; claiming bills are overdue and threatening to disconnect power if immediate payment isn't made either over the phone with banking account information or by purchasing a prepaid card at a convenience store. Other approaches include claims of account records being hacked or compromised or claims service must be upgraded.

Mississippi Power will never call customers asking them for personal or banking information or to make a payment by purchasing a prepaid money card. The best advice to anyone who gets a call demanding payment or personal information is to hang up and report it to local law enforcers and call Mississippi Power at 1-800-532-1502. Never give out personal information to a caller and be on guard for leading questions that could prompt you to accidentally give out personal information.

All Mississippi Power field representatives are uniformed and travel in company vehicles marked with the Mississippi Power logo. Each employee also carries a badge with his or her photograph, name and the company logo.

For more tips on how not to get scammed by calls like these, visit Mississippi Power's website here.