Pinebelt business working on new design for NBA team

Pinebelt business working on new design for NBA team
RARE designing new Timberwolves logo. Photo credit Minnesota Timberwolves
Timberwolves Logo. Source: Rare Designs
Timberwolves Logo. Source: Rare Designs

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Rodney Richardson at RARE design has worked on numerous designs for different collegiate and professional sports organizations.

The Pine Belt native recently turned his attention to a new project involving the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves franchise.

The reveal will be made Tuesday night at the last home game of the year against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"I love these moments with these teams to see the brand stories that we've been working on for months come to life," Richardson said.

The team has had the same branding since the year 2008. Richardson was hired 16 months ago, with the task of putting together a new and modern look for the team.

The Timberwolves are not the only team that Richardson has worked with. RARE has helped with the rebranding of the New Orleans Pelicans, Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat and the University of Southern Mississippi.

"We haven't worked with a team that isn't passionate and excited about what they do," Richardson said.

The Timberwolves currently sit near the bottom of the standings in the Western Conference with a record of 31 wins and 49 losses. The team will not make the playoffs, but Richardson expects the crowd to be excited for the last home game of the year.

"The playoffs are not in the picture, it's the last game of the season, yet they're sold out tonight. There's that much energy and excitement from the people that want to be a part of this," he said.

Richardson spoke about the importance of choosing the right design for the team, and the city of Minneapolis.

"I think people will see that effort," he said. "They're going to really know that this is not something the team took lightly. It's not something they did to follow any sort of design trend. They wanted it to be really right for the fan base."

As for the future, Richardson said RARE is staying busy with another project.

"Earlier this year, we had an opportunity to work with NASCAR, and it's something that has been in place for a very long time. They're an organization with a tremendous story to tell, and they're great people," Richardson said.