Moselle Elementary 4th graders launch grant-funded weather balloon

Moselle Elementary 4th graders launch grant-funded weather balloon

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - Moselle Elementary 4th graders launched their weather balloon into the atmosphere Monday morning.

It's expected to fly over 100,000 feet.

Every six seconds the fourth grade class will be sent an update with the balloon's location, altitude and pressure level.

The balloon will expand to the size of an elementary school classroom before popping and falling back down to earth.

Moselle Elementary assistant principle Mark Brown drove to Leroy, AL after the launch where the balloon is expected to land.

"It'll be a project that grows with these kids as they move on," said Brown.

The students will continue to use the data they collect from today's launch in their 5th grade curriculum.

While the balloon is in the air, pilots will be able to track it with the hashtag "Bulldog1".

The phrase is on the back of t-shirts sold by the students to help pay for the weather balloon. After this experience, many students are interested in pursuing a career in meteorology.

Fourth grader Dallas Broom gave us a weather report this morning.

"It doesn't look like it's going to rain," said Broom. "It looks like a great day for a balloon launch."