FGH Wound Healing Center offering care for hard-to-heal wounds

(The following is a press release from Forrest General Hospital.  Visit www.forrestgeneral.com for more details.)

Hattiesburg, Miss. (April 3, 2017) Forrest General Hospital's Wound Healing Center offers high quality, state of the art treatment and management for complex problem wounds, which may take longer to heal than typical injuries.

Forrest General's Wound Healing Center treats patients with serious injuries and conditions that could lead to amputation if not treated and properly managed. Some of these wounds include: diabetic foot ulcers, vascular issues, burns, and damage from past radiation treatments. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an essential component of some chronic wound treatment plans. This treatment increases the amount of oxygen in the patient's blood allowing oxygen to pass more easily through the plasma into the wounds to heal them. The hyperbaric chambers surround patients with one hundred percent oxygen at higher the normal atmospheric pressure.

Each chamber weighs more than a ton, and each features a reclining bed inside of a large clear shell where patients can listen to music or watch television while receiving their treatment, which lasts approximately two hours and is given five days per week.

No referral is required to receive treatment, and the Wound Healing Center is able to offer wound care and hyperbaric oxygen patients convenient appointment times including monthly or weekly visits to accommodate travel needs. Because the Wound Healing Center is located within the hospital, patients who require further testing or additional care can receive all of their treatment in one place.

For more information about the Wound Healing Center at Forrest General Hospital, visit forrestgeneral.com.