Former Hub City business owner pleads guilty in federal court

Former Hub City business owner pleads guilty in federal court
Oliver Jackson/Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A former Hub City business owner pleaded guilty in federal court for filing false and fraudulent tax returns through his Hattiesburg business.

Oliver Jackson, 33, pleaded guilty to one count of a 21-count indictment, which was for count 13.

"The return was false and fraudulent as to a material matter in that it represented that W.B. was entitled under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Laws to claim a tax refund in the total sum of $3,621.00, whereas, as the defendant, Oliver Jackson, then and there know W.B. was not entitled to claim tax refunds in the amount of $3,621.00," according to the indictment.

Jackson admitted in open court, before District Judge Keith Starrett, that he filed the taxes for William Beverly (W.B.) and submitted them.

Jackson was indicted in September 2016 for 21 counts and according to the indictment, "did willfully aid and assist in, and procure, counsel, and advise the preparation and presentation to the Internal Revenue Service, of U.S. Individual Tax Return, Form 1040A,… for the calendar year 2012."

"It really isn't for me to make a statement…I already drug my family through enough stuff as it is with this whole duration," said Jackson as he was exiting federal court.

The plea on Friday was on behalf of a plea-agreement offered by the government, which makes him a convicted felon.

Jackson is set to be sentenced on June 13 before Judge Starrett.