Offensive line coach Erik Losey brings the "juice" to USM

Offensive line coach Erik Losey brings the "juice" to USM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "High intensity," said Southern Miss senior wide receiver Isaiah Jones when asked to describe the Golden Eagles' new offensive line coach Eirk Losey. "It's like a whole bunch of coach [Jay Hopson]'s running around. High intensity, aggressive. [Losey] isn't scared to tell you what you need to do right."

Energetic seems to be the common adjective to describe coach Erik Losey.

Losey enters his first season as USM's offensive line coach after holding the same position for the past three seasons at East Tennessee State University. Losey also coached under Hopson at Alcorn State in 2013.

"He's a perfectionist and he gets on us but we respond well to it," said Southern Miss senior offensive lineman Devin Farrior.

Losey joins the Golden Eagles after their front line lost five players with starting experience from last year's team.

While Losey is the new guy on the block, so will be the USM offensive line in 2017. The Golden Eagles lost five offensive lineman with starting experience from last year's team.

"Whenever something's new, there's a lot of anxiousness," Losey said. "People get anxious. The kids have come out with a lot of high energy and you love that as a coach. But it's my job to create it there, too."

Losey has been the instigator, motivating his young group of linemen to the tune of one word: juice.

"Juice is just energy," Farrior said. "[Losey] will come around the locker room and stuff and he'll just come up to you like, 'juice.' That just means have high energy."

"Talking about juice you just have to bring it," Jones said. "Every day you can't come out here lazy because everybody else is working, so we gotta work."

To the Golden Eagles, juice isn't just something you buy at a grocery store. Juice is the idea that every spring practice is vital to what Southern Miss hopes to accomplish in the fall.

"Football's a certain lifestyle and you just gotta have - juice is kind of whatever you want to define it as," Losey said. "It goes back to how you carry yourself. It can be classified as excitement, it can be classified as many things. Again, as a coach and motivating your guys, you have to have constant energy because they're going to feed off of you. If you don't bring that little juice about yourself every day then how do you expect them to work? We all have a good time with it but again, you're either about this life or you're not."