Hit the Road with Jac: A key to the city

Hit the Road with Jac: A key to the city

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - All you need is a small key and the city of Hattiesburg is yours.

Well...kind of.

The Hattiesburg public library's Mississippi Room has the door that unlocks the bird eye's view to downtown.

Mississippi Room

The entrance of the Mississippi Room mimic's the entrance to the governor's mansion. It even has the door knob from the old building.

"We thought that not everybody gets to see the governor's mansion," said library director, Sean Farrell.

Something else aesthetically pleasing in this section of the library, the wood floors. Recovered sunken logs from Pascagoula, MS cover the base of the room. The logs were donated from a dentist in the 1980s.

Forrest County also made a donation, they gave old law books and reports to the Mississippi Room. The Law Library is on the second floor of the room.

Key to the city

Ask any librarian for the key to the Mississippi Room. It leads to three flights of stairs that show you a birds eye view of downtown Hattiesburg. Watch the video to see a tour.