Twice rescued dog gives birth to 12 puppies

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - In January of 2016, we reported that several dogs had to be rescued from a trailer park in Jones County.

Some of them were malnourished, and the home was in deplorable condition.

One of the dogs named "Brinleigh" had to be rescued twice after being neglected.

We're happy to report that "Brinleigh" is not only happy and healthy, but a few days ago, she gave birth to 12 adorable healthy babies.

Heather Williams with the Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Laurel said Brinleigh is happier than ever.

“If she hadn't been rescued she would've had all of these babies out in the element, and it's very unlikely they would've all lived. She was pretty malnourished. This is the first litter she would've had and you know thanks to being rescued this is the last litter she will have,” Williams said.