Army offering bonus to 2018 high school seniors

Army offering bonus to 2018 high school seniors

UNITED STATES (WDAM) - The Army is now offering a bonus to high school seniors looking to enlist.

Effective April 1st, 2018 seniors enlisting in U.S. Army are eligible for a $500 bonus each month they are in the Future Soldier Training Program up until graduation.

"This is a great program to help high school juniors think about what they would like to do over the next year before graduation, "said Lt. Col. Eric Saulsbury, Baton Rouge Battalion Commander.  It gives them a plan for after high school, plus money each month to help with expenses leading up to graduation."

Another $500 bonus is added after graduation, for a total $7500. This benefit is on top of the existing bonus, up to $40,000, if the senior qualifies.

The Army now offers two year enlistment options for over 91 military occupational specialties, including cash bonus and money for college.

"This shorter enlistment term is great for high school graduates who want to take a break before college," said Saulsbury.  "This is perfect to gain some high level training and leadership the Army offers to add to a civilian resume or college application."

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